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Wordpress Blogging Seo tips Part 2

We hope you have liked the first part of Wordpress Blogging Seo tips, please read part 2

Posted on by Mike D.

Welcome to part 2 of our Wordpress Blogging Seo Tips.

Continue reading and find out how to optimize your wordpress blog to its finest! 

Wordpress seo tip 5 -  Finding similar sites as your self can help your wodpress website greatly in SEO . Link it with other related blogs and see your traffic increase. Blogs are a great way to move up the search rankings as they are constantly updated: this makes them easy for search engine algorithms to find and rank. Google robots are in favor of these type of links. So don’ t be afraid to tell google what kind of site you are by your actions and your actions in this case are creating related backlinks

Wordpress seo tip 6 -  All ways be up to date with your work and never skip that schedule. Publish fresh content to your site as much as you can. Set a goal for yourself, whether it be 4 stories a week or 2 per day. If you are constantly updating your site with new content, it will be looked upon favorably by search engines, so always be up to date with this. Websites that have a steady stream of new content generally rank higher in search results.

Wordpress seo tip  7 - Matching the Keywords with Titles! Your keyword phrases should appear in your titles too, this makes your title relevant and intelligent, because it is the first impression search engine users will get of your site. By doing this a site will be clicked because it most fits the search results the user typed in.

Wordpress seo tip  8 - SITEMAP! The spiderweb of your website. A site map is an important tool; one of the most important tools to get your webpages indexed. A good site map helps your viewers by acting like an index of all your site's pages. A site with a good site map will be given a higher ranking by the search engines to reflect the importance of easy accessibility. So remember after you finish those blogs and publish them on your website always ping that sitemap. 

Wordpress seo tip  9 - It is important to use anchor text correctly with any internal links on your site. Many people make the mistake of using generic links such as "click here".  Name them with related names. If you use the correct keywords in your anchor text, search engine spiders will be able to locate your content quickly.