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Wordpress and HTML Seo Title Tags

Learn how to tag your wordpress and html websites with a Title Tag

Posted on by Mike D.

The foundation of Seo It just amazes me more and more everyday when I surf the web and see sites that still are missing the most basic seo for their sites. Its something so crucial, yet most website owners ignore this and by ignoring the most important part your website will not be discovered by google. Its like you buy a store, but you don’t advertise the specific address where you are located. How will people know where to go? Thats my point EXACTLY.

So yesterday I was surfing a few sites bot wordpress and html randomly and i noticed a lot of people who didn’t focus on their title tags at all. I mean, come on…You must at the very least match your title with the content of your page. I can't tell you how simple this is to do, yet most don’t so when you look at your website, you will see in the very upper left hand corner of the site a blue bar. It is actually in your browser bar. Inside of that bar is your title of your page. This is what you are telling the search engines your page is about. If you have a website , stop right now and go look at your titles. Take a day to do this as some website owners quickly skim over their titles. Take an entire page.  Is the title of the page indicative to what your page/wordpress blog post is about? Its really a simple question, so ask yourself that and allow yourself to come up with an answer. Most html and Wordpress website owners use very short and common titles, typically the name of their company at the top of every page and they wonder why no one finds their site.Again go back to the address thing!  Well, you just told google to put all your pages under your company name. Be As specific as you can. 

Title Tags Guide

A quick guide to change your title tags for Wordpress and HTML

If you know nothing about title tags lets start from the beginning. The Title Tag is a tag or piece of code that is used to signal what the page is about.

Now go to your home page and look in the upper left hand corner of your site. It should be blue and the text will be in white. Now go to an empty space on your page and right click with your mouse. You will have an option that says view source for regular html. For wordpress you may easily change your title blog tags by editing a webs page. 

 HTML tutorial: 

When you open your html web page its time to search for the title tag which is located in the head section. 


Your title is in the middle of the quotations.

Replace your title in the middle and remember don’t touch the quotations !  Then save your file and you will have a new title saved and ready for the world to see.