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Strict Wordpress Tips

4 Strict Wordpress Optimization Tips for your Website


Posted on by Mike D.

Now that SEO has maybe become more and more familiar to you, here are couple of strict seo tips that you must follow to achieve an optimized wordpress platformed website.   

1: The title of your pages

This may seem simple and obvious, but make sure that your pages have a title with a tag  <title> . This tag must be informed and must be a description of the actual page and not the site as a whole. The title should include the keywords of the page, be unique and must not exceed 70 characters.

Note: Do a ‘website analysis’ to see if your title tag actually works and is getting picked up. Not using correct markup even though you may have entered a title tag will still not be discoverable. 

2:  Add good Description of your pages

Description should not only describe the same thing in all of your wordpress blog . The description of your page is displayed in search results, so it must inspire the user to click your link rather than another. Make if fun and interesting and of course relate it to your blog. The description should also include keywords in your page, be unique and not exceed 156 characters.

3: The H TAGS RULE -  H1, H2, H3,H4 ..

When speaking of the titles define the h1, h2, h 3, h4, h5, h6,  tells us:

“A title briefly describes the topic of the section it introduces"

This means that a title H tag  is described by summarizing paragraph explicitly that it presents.

When you rank your page titles by prioritizing, you bring a notion of value to each of your titles . An H1 title should summarize the general topic of your page, a title H6 summarize a very detailed section of the subject in your page.

Note: Don’t over do too many tags, keep in in order (in other words don’t include the h1 tag in the beginning of the paragraph and the end because it may make your blog appearance look better) 

4:Author + Publish Authentication on Google Plus

So google blog is the latest trend for bloggers. Google is the number one search engine, and google plus authorship is helping wordpress websites get more trust from google day by day. 

Linking your Google+ page and your wordpress website  is recommended for the following reasons:

It allows you to get in touch with your friends, your fans, your customers and prospects. Following other users can be very easy and fast. 

It is effective for a local SEO (Google My Business)

It also has Google to identify the author of a web page with #Authorship  ( Authorship is now replaced by Publishership ) , the avatar of Google+ profile can be displayed in the search results provided to surf while connected to G +.

Google Plus will allow you to add a description of your website and a tag of what your business does. This will help out search engines as well to identify what kind of business your run on your wordpress platformed website. 

Google+ is the social network that goes up and one preferred by your company to optimize your SEO. So add that google authorship trust verification on your blog and remember adding a photo of yourself on google can help gain even more website trust.