Standard Package

Image - Content - Bandwidth Protection

An expert will custom code your selected website to prevent copy,paste, right click, and drag on all portions of your website.

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Extra Info

What you are Purchasing and What is Guaranteed ?

You are purchasing a company expert to view your website script and implement manually our custom code for the max image and content protection. You are guaranteed after purchased and after an expert works on your site, that it will have all functions of : right click, copy/paste, and drag disabled for the current website you have submitted to us.

What Is The Process

Payment -> Expert Will Contact You -> Send Us Your Website -> We will give you a timeframe of 5-7 days -> Have your website ready and email it back to you.


$500 - One time payment, One time full implantation of Pro Photo Protection X on your current website manually by an expert from our company. $99 - (Optional) Rush Request to complete your order in 3 days. So an expert will move you a head of the line and you will have your website back in 3 days.

What Is The Payment Terminal

We do not process any payments through our website, all payments will go through Paypal.

What Platforms We Work With

HTML - PHP - Wordpress

Our Company VS Other Companies

Not a software, Not a Subscription website. Our coding will work on all devices and on 100% of all portions of your website.

What devices is this protected on?

All Laptop,Desktop,Ipad,and Mobile.Mac,Windows,Android,as well as Apple ISO.

Im not sure how to access my files or do a backup. Can you log into my account to download my script?

We would prefer you read hosting instructions for downloading your website script or contacting your hosting rep with guidance. If you want us to extract your website from your hosting, with your permission we can do that.

What We Will Need

After you Purchase Photo Pro X and an expert gets in touch with you we will need your website script/all webpages. You may: Send us a zipped version of your website through email. Again, if you are having trouble with this, please contact your hosting provider and ask them how to back up your ‘home directory as a zip file’. This will only take acouple of minutes to do. If you would prefer us to enter your hosting and extract the zip version of your website, with your permission we will be able to do so.

How To Update Your New Website Script

-Upload through FTP
-Upload one by one to your directory. -If you need assistance with this please contact your hosting provider or give permission to your company rep to ftp your files up.

Back Up

We urge you to keep a back up of your original site on your desktop and also keep an extra copy of your website with our content and photo protection that we will send to you.

What type of client is this service primarily for.

Photo and Content protection is for all businesses online that create original content and or images on their websites and need to have protection.Photographers,Bloggers, Writers, Ecommerce websites, Surgeons(before and after images),brand companies, and more. Increased protection,increased website security appeal,safer environment, increased cliental.

Contact Us

General Questions: We will respond back within 24 - 48 (max)hours.

After Purchase Questions: We will respond back within 30 minutes - 3 (max)hours.If you need immediate assistance for sending us website script,please note that on the email subject and we will respond back to you immediately.

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