Our Company

With years of experience combined in Computer Science,advanced knowledge of php.html,wordpress,js,and c++, and 7 years of helping the top businesses around the world protect their websites for image and content theft, Pro Photo Protection X is the only company that will custom code your current website with the highest level of security and keep our cliental completely private(unless you request your work to be shown on our client section). Once a private company for only top businesses, now we have recently formed a new branch to help start up businesses get the most advanced image and content security for their website.

Meet the Team!

CEO - Team Leader Matt

Specializes in: Business Management and Administration, Computer Science

Graduated from: Berkley 79’

Contact: matt@prophotoprotectionx.com

Jenna - Manager Business Scouter- Coding Expert Editor

Specializes in: Business Economics - Website Security

Graduated from: UCLA 96’

Contact: jenna@prophotoprotectionx.com

Dan- Coding Expert

Specializes in: Computer Engineer - Animation - DB- Web Design

Graduated from: Massachusetts Institute of Technology 91’

Contact: dan@prophotoprotectionx.com

Jeffery - Coding Expert

Specializes in: Artificial Intelligence - Computer Networks - Security

Graduated from: University of Cambridge 89’

Contact: jeffery@prophotoprotectionx.com

William - Coding Expert

Specializes in: Computer Engineer

Graduated from: Georgia Institute of Technology 03’

Contact: will@prophotoprotectionx.com

Marie - Help - Customer Support

Specializes in: Business Sales Expert

Graduated from: University of Austin Texas 96’

Contact: marie@prophotoprotectionx.com

David - Coding Expert

Specializes in: Computer Science - Software Engineer - Hadoop

Graduated from: Massachusetts Institute of Technology 05’

Contact: david@prophotoprotectionx.com